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THE Ultimate Gift Guide for PLUNJ Lovers

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

It’s that time of the year to start thinking about giving Christmas gifts to our loved ones! If you’re anything like us, it can be SO HARD to know what to get for people, even those we love and know well. That’s why we’re here, to provide a no-stress list of amazzzzing gifts with something for everyone. Even if you are a gift giving pro, you’ll still want to check this list out.

From Our Store:

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Gift Card

Want to give someone the gift of full mind and body wellness? Look no further than a gift card to PLUNJ! We have a special holiday sale going on right now where you can buy 4 PLUNJ sessions for the price of three. WOW, we’d jump on that if we were you! Buy more than one and you can join your loved one.

In addition, we sell regular gift cards for whatever amount you are interested in! You can write a personalized note to the recipient and even decide what date it should be delivered. How sweet is that? Check those out here.

White PLUNJ T-Shirt

These white tees are rad. If you go around repping PLUNJ, people will be asking you about the “hot, cold, rest, repeat” regimen and you’ll be the cool kid at school. Trust us.

Women’s Black PLUNJ T-Shirt

Another awesome PLUNJ t-shirt, only black! Your lady will love it.


Okayyyy, did someone say PLUNCHO? That’s not just a poncho, that’s a PLUNJ poncho! You know your mom and dad want to wear one of these while they are recovering after the cold plunge and sipping their tea. And if you get one for yourself, you can all match!

From Our Fav Local Businesses:

The Feel Deal Heal AFFIRMATIONS Deck

If you’ve been to PLUNJ before, maybe you’ve seen that we carry one of these nifty decks created by therapist Tiffany Roe. She’s a cooooool therapist who spreads the message that therapy is cool. We agree, and we couldn’t recommend these cards enough. When your loved one opens the little box, they’ll find 52 different affirmations to say out loud to themselves and rewire their brain. Help someone you care about be empowered to take care of their own mental wellness and show self love!

The Mighty Baker Merch

Who are your lovers of baking? Give them a gift of quality a cake stand or airbrush (or both!) and if you're lucky, they might bake you a cake. :)

CRUDE Soapless Body Cleanser + Lotion

Do you know someone who is looking to level up their skincare routine? Or someone who doesn’t really want to worry about skincare at all? Either way, CRUDE is for them! CRUDE is an oil-cleansing system designed to work with the skin's natural moisture barrier, as opposed to harsh soaps that strip it. Their oil cleanser, serums, and soap-free body wash and lotion are 100% vegan, organic, and Microbiome-Friendly. PLUNJ founder Lauren loves CRUDE products and said she noticed a hugely positive difference in her skin after using them!

Rhone Element Lounge Hoodie for Him

What guy do you know that doesn’t want a comfy, stylish hoodie? Especially during these cold winter months, warmth and comfort are nonnegotiable when it comes to clothing. Look no further than this lounge hoodie from Rhone. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their clothing items.

“The Classic Nanci Massage”

Pamper someone you love with a relaxing, healing massage from the wonderful Nanci Heart! She offers all sorts of options for massages and locations, but her classic massage is sure to be just the ticket for your mom, dad, husband, wife, grandparents, etc.

Helse Essential Oils

These guys are a Utah company. Their name means “health” in Norwegian (we love our Scandinavian ties), AND we use their stuff at PLUNJ. (No wonder the steam off the rocks always smells so good!) Right now, HELSE is running 30% off on their site so hurry to their site and pick out some oils with your favorite yummy scents and benefits!

Our Fav Books:

The Finnish Way

This book is all about how to find happiness and health by emulating certain Finnish cultural practices and beliefs. If you get this book for someone, you can both learn TONS about the benefits of being in nature, embracing sisu, implementing aspects of the Nordic diet, and yes -- bring sauna and cold plunge into your life! Holla!

The Little Book of Hygge

Hygge―pronounced Hoo-ga―is roughly translated as a sense of well-being, comfort, and togetherness. Similar to The Finnish Way, this little book will teach you how to find more happiness through Danish practices like taking coffee breaks, getting cozy with loved ones, and practicing being present.

Becoming the Iceman: Pushing Passed Perceived Limits or The Wim Hof Method

These books about Wim Hof are some of our absolute favorites at PLUNJ. They delve into Wim Hof’s breathing and cold exposure methods and how they foster mental fortitude and improve physical health. If you have a friend or family member who wants to become a cold junkie like us, get them one of these books! It’s hard not to be inspired while reading them.

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