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Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment

PLUNJ is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all our employees and customers. We will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, including unwanted advances, requests for sexual favors, and any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


This policy applies to all employees, customers, vendors, and anyone else who interacts with our business. We will take all complaints of sexual harassment seriously and will promptly investigate any allegations.


Definition and examples of sexual harassment:  

PLUNJ similarly prohibits sexual harassment and retaliation of or against its customers, employees, contractors, volunteers, guests, vendors, etc…


Examples of conduct that violates this policy include: 


  • Unwelcome sexual advances, flirtations, advances, leering, whistling, touching, pinching, assault, or blocking normal movement 

  • Requests for sexual favors or demands for sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment • obscene or vulgar gestures, posters, or comments 

  • Sexual jokes, noises, or comments about a person’s body, sexual prowess, sexuality, sexual experience, or sexual deficiencies 

  • Proposition or suggestive or insulting comments of a sexual nature 

  • Conversation about one’s own or someone else’s sex life 

  • Conduct or comments consistently targeted at only one gender, gender identity or gender expression even if the content is not sexual 

  • Teasing or other conduct directed toward a person because of that person’s gender, gender identity, or gender expression 

  • Sexual stereotyping 



Retaliation is when someone takes negative action against another person for reporting a violation of this policy, opposing practices prohibited by this policy, participating in the reporting and investigation process, or assisting in an investigation or proceeding related to a violation of this policy. 


This violates our company policy and is also illegal under federal, state, and local law. Adverse conduct may include actions that discourage someone from reporting sexual harassment or retaliation, avoiding or ostracizing someone who reports sexual harassment or retaliation, using threats or intimidation to prevent someone from reporting, or denying employment benefits to someone who reports or encourages reporting of sexual harassment or retaliation. 

Reporting Sexual Harassment:

If you experience or witness sexual harassment at our sauna and cold plunge studio, please report it immediately to a manager, supervisor or company employee. If you do not feel comfortable reporting to them, please contact the owner directly. You can do so at

Investigating Sexual Harassment:

We will investigate all reports of sexual harassment promptly, thoroughly, and impartially. Our investigation will be kept confidential to the extent possible. We will interview all relevant parties and gather any evidence that can help us determine the facts.

Disciplinary Action:

If we determine that sexual harassment has occurred, we will take appropriate disciplinary action against the offending party, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion from the premises. We will also take steps to protect the complainant from any retaliation or further harassment.

Customer Protection:

We take our customers' safety seriously and will not tolerate any sexual harassment towards them. If we receive a report of sexual harassment from a customer, we will investigate it promptly and take appropriate action against the offending party, which may include barring them from the premises.


Sexual harassment has no place at PLUNJ. We are committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for all our employees and customers. If you experience or witness sexual harassment, please report it to us immediately so we can investigate and take appropriate action.

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