Coming to a bathhouse should be a tranquil, enriching experience for every person. That is why we have developed a set of rules that all patrons must abide by. As always, if you have any further questions, please feel free to use the “contact us” button. 

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What is PLUNJ? 

Plunj is a Nordic style bathhouse. Our bathhouse is a small communal space for those who are striving to look, feel, and perform their very best. Not to mention it is a fun place to hang out. Our bathhouse strives to straddle the line between utility and luxury. You will find that our space, while very well-appointed, is simple in its method as well as in its practice. When all is said and done, we have only one goal. To help you feel good. 

Once I arrive how long do I have to be able to enjoy the amenities? 

Sessions last for 1 hour. During this time you may feel free to use the amenities as much as you please. 

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can change and get acquainted with the space before your session starts in order to take advantage of your full hour.


We also ask, since it is a small space, that you be mindful of the time you spend in the restrooms and changing rooms both before and after your visit to ensure everyone has the ability to utilize the facility.

Can I use my cell phone while in PLUNJ? 

Plunj is a tech-free space. Please silence all electronic devices upon entry of the bathhouse unless it is necessary (I.E. Medical professionals, first responders, etc..)


What is the overall vibe of PLUNJ?


Traditionally, bathhouses have been a center of the community, and we don't wish for PLUNJ to be any different. Plunj is meant to be a social place. Come with your friends and feel free to talk with your fellow patrons. However, PLUNJ is a small space, so please be mindful of others' experiences, use indoor voices when talking, and keep your conversations appropriate. Any and all unwanted advances will be dealt with immediately. 

Again, any and all unwanted advances will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.

Dress code

Traditionally, bathhouses are clothing optional. However, PLUNJ is not. CLOTHING IS MANDATORY. Plunj also requires you to provide your own swimwear. All swimwear should be appropriate for a public communal space.  

Covid-19 safety protocols?


Upon entry, all patrons are encouraged to wear a mask if they feel the need. Especially in the lounge area.


Our HVAC system has been updated with Merv-13 filters per state and CDC guidelines.


The space is also equipped with a premium quality air filter to filter out anything else that may come your way.


Plunj will maintain social distance by maintaining a low occupancy load. Every hour, only a maximum 8 patrons will be allowed in the space at any given time unless you buy out space with friends or family. In that case, you can have up to 12 ppl at any time. 


The Sauna will have a max capacity of 6 ppl at any given time unless you are with friends and family. If there are more than 6 ppl in the sauna, we ask that you kindly wait for someone to exit.


Sanitizing wipes will be available for anyone looking to use them throughout the space.


I'm not feeling well.


If you’re not feeling well, please stay home. I know that the sauna may feel good, and might also help your symptoms, but doing so will endanger the rest of the patrons who use it. 


Let us know at least 6hrs prior to your slot, and we will be happy to waive your booking deposit, and reschedule your visit.


Can saunas prevent covid-19?


While there is strong research around the health benefits and immunity-boosting abilities of saunas, we cannot say with certainty that they do or do not prevent covid-19.

Treatment temperatures. 

Cold plunge #1 is 55-60°f 


Cold plunge #2 is 42-47°f 


Bucket shower - Temperature varies by season. Usually hovers around 95 degrees.


Dry sauna is 160-200°f 



Cancelation & refund policy: 


While you may cancel your booking at any time, the amount you will get back as a refund will depend on when you advised us of your cancellation. Our refund policy is as follows -

  • Cancellation before 24 hrs - Full refund

  • Cancellation before 12 hrs - 75% refund

  • Cancellation before 6 hrs - 25% refund

  • No show - No refund.


Running late?


If you are running late for your assigned time slot, we can either reserve you a newly available time, or you are welcome to come and use the remaining time you have left on your original booking.

When do I pay for my appointment?


We require a credit card on file to secure your appointment. Day pass admission will be charged at the time of your reservation. If you booked a membership, it will also be charged at the time of reservation. You can also buy memberships, as well as gift cards in-store. 

Payment methods.


We take all major credit cards. We do not accept cash. 

Are there any specific age restrictions?

During regular business hours, we do have a strict 18 yrs and older restriction. Otherwise, children from the ages of 12-17 need to be accompanied by an adult. If you choose to rent our space for a private group, all children over the age of 12 are welcome to join you.