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Stephanie's Story

Stephanie, a travel nurse from Utah, originally learned about PLUNJ from a fellow travel nurse when she was doing an assignment in Provo. It wasn’t until a few months later that she came for the first time with a friend. Having previously done swim-to saunas in Norway, and having been an avid sauna lover for quite a while, she was instantly hooked!

“I am so happy a place like PLUNJ exists because I use it as therapy both physically and mentally,” Stephanie said.

When she first started coming to PLUNJ, she was hesitant to time her cold plunges because it was too unbearable to last very long. Now the cold plunge is her favorite part and she is able to last in the 40° tub for 5 minutes. Over time, she has developed the ability to spend longer in the sauna between cold plunges, which she’s found helps her tolerate the cold even more!

“Everything has improved and I am not even joking,” Stephanie said. “My mental focus has improved as well as my mood. I sleep better, am able to recover quicker physically, and it is a huge confidence boost as well knowing I am capable of tolerating extremes.”

Stephanie said she has carried these benefits into her work life as well as she navigates the pursuit of her doctorate in anesthesia. Plunging helps her focus more in school and helps solidify that she is capable of doing really challenging things.

Stephanie tries to book early sessions to avoid noisier crowds and to give herself a leg up on the day. To her, everything from the design/decor of PLUNJ to the music to the essential oils fits the aesthetic perfectly.

Although she is currently out of state for school, she makes a point to visit PLUNJ whenever she comes home. It keeps her motivated and makes her feel incredible. She looks forward to incorporating contrast therapy into a permanent routine once she lives in Utah full time again.

“Bite the bullet and do the cold tub as long as you can (safely),” Stephanie said. “Make improving your tolerance in the cold tub your goal because it really helps with physical stress, mental stress, and it allows you to tolerate the natural environment better too, the more you expose yourself.”

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