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Jordan's Story

Jordan sits in front of the sauna at PLUNJ and smiles
Jordan in front of the PLUNJ sauna

“I've had some of the most amazing and thought-provoking conversations with complete strangers at PLUNJ — there's just something about being half-naked in a hot box with others that brings out an unparalleled sense of social connection,” Jordan Luu said.

Jordan calls the state of Utah his home. He works as an Account Executive - Mid Market in the Software as a Service (SaaS) field. As a sales professional, he takes pride in delivering top-notch solutions to his clients. Aside from work, Jordan is an avid adventurer who loves to hit the slopes and explore the world's hidden gems with his loved ones. He’s always on the lookout for the next great adventure.

Around three years ago, Jordan discovered the world of fitness and health, and it completely transformed his life. However, it wasn't until he started using the sauna regularly that he truly began to understand the numerous benefits of prioritizing personal wellness.

“Not only did my physical health improve, but my mental health also improved, and I found myself looking forward to my sauna sessions every day,” Jordan said. “Nowadays, I spend around thirty to sixty minutes in the sauna three to five times a week, and it has become my happy place.”

As a lover of the heat and getting his sweat on in the sauna, Jordan was hesitant to try anything cold, such as plunging into icy water. His first-ever attempt was at PLUNJ, and he could only manage about ten seconds in the cold water before he had to get out. On his second try, however, he was able to remain in the cold water for longer. Within the next day, he noticed improvements in his sleep and energy levels.

He kept at it, and after a few more tries, he built up his tolerance. Now he can plunge for six to ten minutes. He has become a huge advocate of cold therapy and can't stop talking about how great it makes him feel.

“When it comes to the benefits of cold plunging, I can't help but sing its praises,” he said. “Not only have I been able to avoid getting sick despite being surrounded by illness, but my muscle recovery has been unparalleled — allowing me to push my limits and still feel fresh.”

Jordan said what really sets cold plunging apart for him is the incredible boost it has given to his energy levels. Since his first few sessions, he has noticed a significant increase in energy, as well as better sleep, increased libido, and heightened daytime productivity.

Further, Jordan latched on to the Finnish concept that we embrace at PLUNJ – sisu – which roughly translates to the idea of pushing through challenges or adversity with courage and grit. Some tap into sisu by challenging themselves to grow and change.

“I was able to identify sisu in other areas of my life,” he said. “On days that I didn’t drive down to PLUNJ, I’d be looking for sisu and run a mile or two. Or, in my work career, being in a meeting room full of execs, I’d work on speaking my mind. Just...all these other ways that it affected me, not just physically, but mentally.” Jordan has also found a place of belonging at PLUNJ in the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the eclectic community of fellow plungers he’s met during the morning sessions. He loves how the space fosters connection and community – and how many fellow PLUNJ goers seem to feel comfortable opening up about their lives, struggles, breakthroughs, and all sorts of other things.

“You have to try it, “Jordan said. “You really don’t know what it’s going to do for you in all the areas of your life until you do try it. But there’s a reason why everybody’s talking about it the way that they are, because you may not know what benefit you’ll feel the most. But there’s so many out there, that something in there is going to add value to your life. I tell everybody, you just gotta try it. Try it twice.”

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