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Susie's Story

A man and a woman on top of a mountain
Susie and her husband hiking

Susie Lee is a mental health therapist from Springville, Utah who enjoys running. She’s done ice baths for sports recovery, and she learned about cold plunging for mental health while doing training on trauma treatment.

“I was intrigued by the idea that cold water immersion could help regulate your nervous system and treat symptoms of trauma, so I started reading books on cold plunging and how it impacts trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues,” Susie said.

She and her husband began doing cold plunges in a trough in their backyard, which brought them health benefits including decreased anxiety, decreased depression (particularly in the winter months), greater ability to focus, and overall improved moods.

“My first ice bath was definitely shocking,” Susie said. “It’s still shocking now but I definitely enjoy it more than I did the first few times.”

As she continued to research ice bathing, Susie was introduced to the idea of combining cold plunging with sauna bathing. At that point, she and her husband began seeking out saunas, which is how they eventually found PLUNJ.

They came to PLUNJ together and enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the simplicity of the experience. They loved the hot and cold put together.

Now, Susie is noticing in herself even more physical and mental improvements.

“I’ve seen improvement in my emotional regulation, sleep quality, moods, ability to relax, and energy levels,” she said. “I feel rejuvenated, as well as relaxed after contrast therapy. I’ve also seen improvement in my recovery after long or hard runs!”

Susie is impressed with the mental health benefits of contrast therapy, and she feels like it’s an underutilized resource for those who struggle with mental health issues.

As she believes contrast therapy can be a powerful tool in the toolbox to combat depression and anxiety, Susie hopes to spread the news so others can also realize the benefits of cold plunging and sauna.

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