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Redick's Story

Redick and his daughter at PLUNJ

When he first came to PLUNJ, Redick went in with zero expectations. Now, after a year of plunging, he has zero expectations of ending his membership.

Redick grew up in Springville, Utah. Although he has traveled a lot, he has always called Utah home. He works as an Operations Supervisor in Provo full-time and a Cargo Processing Superintendent in Layton part-time. He learned about cold plunging from a good friend.

“I thought she was crazy at first, but she talked me into it, so I decided to tag along,” Redick said. “The first visit to PLUNJ was great! I didn't last long and I enjoyed the warmer of the two tubs. I've been coming for over a year now and find I prefer the colder tub.”

Redick now comes weekly for the challenge and consistency. He enjoys pushing himself a little further each time in the cold and the heat. For example, he usually tries to spend several minutes in the coldest tub and even likes to dunk his head fully under.

“I sleep better at night and my stress levels throughout the week have been lower,” he said.

Additionally, Redick believes contrast therapy is also having a positive effect on his metabolism. He’s unintentionally lost about 30 lbs since starting at PLUNJ without any changes in diet or activity.

The social aspect of PLUNJ is also a major draw for Redick. He loves the chance to meet new individuals each week and receive a greeting by name from the host. When he asks questions about the contrast therapy process, the hosts provide valuable feedback and knowledgeable answers.

“They have a great team. No matter what day or time the visit is, you are guaranteed to be treated with a warm welcome and attentive staff,” he said.

Redick observed that most businesses usually have a handful of employees who are not extremely dedicated to the service in their position. For him, PLUNJ has stepped out of the norm in this way. Not only are hosts friendly, but they work hard to keep the space cozy and clean.

“The water in the tubs is clear and full,” he said. “I love the option of the two temperatures. Even the hosts have said that no two visits are the same and some days you may need just a little warmer or just a little colder.”

Redick said people should give PLUNJ a try, especially if they are skeptical. “The ongoing natural benefits, regardless of the reason you decided to initially try it out, are great for both the emotional and physical stress your body endures.”

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