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Carter's Story

PLUNJ enthusiast Carter Pratt is from Highland, Utah. He works for a solar distributor in Salt Lake City and has his own podcast called “Something Unoriginal.”

A few years ago, Carter enjoyed sauna sessions every once in a while with friends. Over time, he listened to podcasts (such as Andrew Huberman’s) that touted all the health benefits from sauna and cold plunging. So he Googled “sauna/cold plunge places near me” and found PLUNJ.

“My wife and I booked a session and we were super nervous about how it would go,” Carter said. “But since we have gone a few times, we love the benefits we’ve felt. It’s a great refresher for us. The longer between sessions we go, the more we miss it.”

Carter said he feels his mood greatly improve after sessions. “I can take the cold outside better, and I’m getting sick much less. I don’t have the greatest immune system, but I’ve noticed a big difference there."

If Carter has a PLUNJ session booked, he looks forward to it the entire day. Every session provides an enjoyable challenge. Overall, the environment at PLUNJ is such that he feels welcome regardless of who else is in the session.

“It may sound like the most terrible or uncomfortable experience you can have, but it’s so worth it,” Carter said. “For all the pain you go through during the session, the feeling you get is worth all of it.”

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