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Amber's Story

Photo by Jacque Tietjen

“I love it because I can’t be worried about anything else when I’m in that cold water!”

Amber is a Provo, Utah native of 30 years. She’s a marketing copywriter and was recently a yoga instructor at The Yoga Underground. Amber came across cold plunging for the first time when she had a job located near the Riverwoods in Provo. Employees at her company often went to the nearby Provo Canyon to jump into the ice cold river. Amber joined them.

“That was my first experience with a deliberate cold plunge for the wellness of it, as opposed to swimming in water that just happened to be cold,” Amber said. “After I left that job, I realized that one thing I missed was the cold water! My dad was already a PLUNJ regular, so I asked him to take me along.”

After some time of using the cold plunges, Amber began to crave the cold. “I love it because I can’t be worried about anything else when I’m in that cold water!” she said. “It gets me out of my thinking mind and back into my feeling body.”

Though the cold water is her favorite – and the heat of the sauna is nice mostly because it prepares her to go into the water again – Amber adores the social aspect of the sauna. She loves how everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other.

Sauna and especially dunking into freezing water can be scary, but everyone at PLUNJ roots for one another and celebrates each other’s successes.

“I don’t know where else you can find that kind of quick camaraderie,” Amber said.

She reminds contrast therapy participants to be safe and listen to your body, as each individual knows their own body best. But she believes that if you think contrast therapy is something that could benefit you, it’s definitely worth a try!

To those who are skeptical of contrast therapy or maybe scared of the cold water, she would say: “It’s not as scary as it seems and you CAN do it! Your body and mind are strong and you can handle it better than you think.”

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