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Team Member at PLUNJ

What is PLUNJ? 

At Plunj we are passionate about wellness and embrace the Finnish concept of “sisu.”  Sisu is essentially showing extraordinary willpower to dive in despite overwhelming adversity. With this concept in mind, we are dedicated to providing a space for rest, recovery, and relaxation with sauna and cold plunge. 

Our Challenge. 

We are the first sauna and cold plunge studio in Utah! Our goal is to get our fellow Utahns on board with this simple and effective wellness regimen. We need YOU to help us educate and get people excited about Plunj! 

How You Can Help.

  • You solve problems and aren’t scared to take initiative.

  • You take accountability and are dedicated to the success of Plunj.

  • You like people.

  • You are comfortable and professional in answering the phone and responding to email.

  • You are able to schedule and confirm appointments. 

  • You are able to take and manage client payments. 

  • You’re excited to learn about Sisu and the services Plunj offers. 

  • Be accountable for opening on time and cleaning up before you lock the doors at night. 

  • You’re a neat freak and keep the facility looking and feeling clean and fresh. 

  • You’re willing to take the Plunj yourself and get stuff done! Even things that might not be on this shortlist.

What You Need to Succeed.  

  • You enjoy seeing dad bods in al natural (JK, everyone will be wearing swimsuits). 

  • Courage to take the Plunj!

  • Interest in new experiences and the health benefits of sauna and cold plunges. 

  • You’re a doer, not a sitter. You get stuff done before you’re asked to do it. 

  • You are a problem solver and you’re not afraid to make suggestions to improve things.

  • You’re all in - you want Plunj to succeed.

  • You care about people.

  • If you make a mistake, you’re excited to learn from it and do better next time.

  • You leave your ego at home, operate with excellence, and love sitting in cold water.

To apply; email your resume to

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